Client Design Asistance

client-designElevated Structures, LLC can perform the duties of coordinating the multiple disciplines of a client’s design team that can consist of architects, engineers, attorneys and other consultants, thus alleviating the burden of our clients trying to self-manage the design team. While performing the coordination duties, Elevated Structures minimizes scheduling delays and budget overruns.

Construction Review & Value Engineering

Using our construction expertise, Elevated Structures, LLC helps to minimize the amount of conflicts, errors and omissions in the architectural documents prior there completion. Similarly, we can guide the clients design professional to materials and methods that will help reduce construction costs and save construction duration, while maintaining the high quality standards expected from our company.

Feasibility Analysis (Due Diligence)

Elevated Structures, LLC can perform Feasibility Analyses to demonstrate the best options for achieving the highest returns for our clients.


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